David Brookover is one of the top landscape photographers today. Based in Jackson Hole, WY he runs his own gallery specializing in high quality, hand-made prints that are truly second to none. During the summer months David runs the gallery and in the winter he travels shooting new landscapes for the following season.

David and I have become good friends. Oddly enough I wasn’t very familiar with him, but he knew me through The Art of Photography. One summer he sent me a copy of his book and I was blown away. I asked if I could share it on the show and he said “no, wait for the next”. Then he proceeded to send me the clamshell version with a beautiful platinum/palladium print.

He was the first call I made when I started the Artist Series. He agreed and said – “just get here, I’ll take care of everything else”. He proceeded to fly up Stephen Saunders and Matt Beaty from Hidden Light as well as the legendary printer Richard Jackson. It was an amazing few days.

When I’m filming, I don’t have time to photograph much but I did squeeze in a few photos of what we were working on… with cameos from David’s wife Yuko and dog Mocha.