Short Film: Give More Than You Take

A documentary on New York based, contemporary artist Jim Hodges

Give More Than You Take was a video done in collaboration with contemporary New York artist Jim Hodges for his career retrospective of the same name. I was particularly excited to work on this - up until this project I typically had an hour at most with an artist to make a video. It is very difficult with such a short time span to go very deep.

The Hodges film was different. I went to New York for a few days to work with Jim in his studio along side curator Jeffery Grove and Education Director Nicole Stutzman. Jeffery and Jim were pretty good friends and had been working on this exhibition for several years so they had an excellent dialogue and a lot of good interview footage came out of this.

Most of this was filmed in New York with the exception of the exhibition footage which was shot in Dallas. I scored the music myself.

Jim is very hands-on which I greatly appreciated. We spent lots of time going over the edits to get them the way he wanted. This kind of collaboration is unusual and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jim on this. As you can see from the range of artwork in the show - he has an amazing depth to the work that he does.