In 2016 I had just funded the Artist Series and was working on who would be interviewed. My now friend Doug Hall introduced himself to me cold over an email saying he was an ex-pat who had moved to Mexico and had a few connections to photographers there. This peaked my interest as I’ve always had an admiration to the work being done there and felt it deserved way more exposure. I told Doug if we could get 3 artists I’d do it. Well we got the biggest 3 – Graciela Iturbide, Lourdes Grobet and Pedro Meyer.

Mexico is an amazing place and really nothing like I thought it would be. Its hard to describe other than to say its unusual. The culture, the color, the peopleā€¦ even the light is different there. It is a photographers paradise. I feel embarrassed to say I grew up in a border state and this was my first trip but I fell in love. There will be many more.