where I work and the equipment I use


The camera's I use most consistently are as follows:

Sony RX100 Mark IV

The Sony RX100 Mark IV is one of my favorite cameras period. Its a compact so it is easy to carry and have with you. The lens is excellent. The resolution is very good. It has a flip up screen so I use it to film my videos quite often and it will do 4K in short bursts (there's a 5 minute limit due to overheating issues). The 4K is a little bit of a shortcoming, but its good enough for shooting b-roll and shorter clips when you're on the go. My RX100 IV has a huge battle scar on the front but still works great. It survived being in my pocket when I fell off a boosted board in New York City.

Sony a5100

The Sony a5100 is starting to become a little dated and due for an update. For the money though this is an amazing camera. I use this for recording most of the Art of Photography videos in the studio. It does have overheating issues so I tend to use an external recorder but the color and resolution I get for video is simply outstanding.

Sony a6300

The Sony a6300 came out this year. I'm really liking mine so far. A recent firmware update greatly improved the overheating issue with 4k. Stills look fantastic with this camera as well. The screen doesn't fully articulate so its not as useful for the video work that I do. But I'm slowly working this camera into my workflow as it is quite excellent.

Sony ax53

Recently I decided to give the Sony ax53 a go. I realize camcorders aren't nearly as cool as DSLR's, but this thing is absolutely fantastic. Its not a pro camera by any stretch. Most of the functionality is "auto" based with minimal control over exposure, iris etc. But when you get used to working with it - its an extremely impressive camera. The best feature here is the BOSS image stabilization. It really is the best I've ever used which makes this camera perfect for vlogging. I've been using this paired with a Rode Videomic Pro for several weeks now and I'm absolutely in love with it.

Canon 80D

The Canon 80D is quite a workhorse camera. The stills are incredible and this camera gives you a pretty serious dynamic range flexibility when shooting. The video is decent… there's no 4k but Canon's tend to be workhorse cameras. They do what they say they are going to do. I use this for a lot of Art of Photography work.

Canon 5D Mark III

I still use the Canon 5D Mark III for a lot of work with stills and timelapses. Its an incredible camera though its since been replaced by the Mark IV. I love the Mark III though. If you need a solid DSLR for event photography this is your camera. I'm sure the Mark IV is even better but since it just came out, I haven't had much opportunity to use it yet.

Film Cameras

Nikon F3

The classic - one of my favorite cameras ever made. Its dead simple to use. Lenses are cheap and its my go to 35mm film camera.

Hasselblad 503CW

Another classic. Hasselblad got everything right on this design and it carried over several model names. This one is quite special in that it belonged to my mentor, Greg Booth.

Holgas and Dianas

The Holga and the Diana are essentially toy cameras. However, they've been favorites of mine for years. There's no obvious control over shutter speed or focus, but once you learn to use these they are capable of some very unique and interesting results.

My work as a photographer is quite varied. Many times I will use completely different cameras depending on the project I'm working on. We are at an interesting time where essentially almost the entire history of photography is available to us.











My studio is a converted bedroom in my house so I have the luxury of working at home. Its on the far end of the house so I do get at least a small feeling for work/life balance.

I film most of the Art of Photography videos here and do all of my editing and post production.

Currently my studio setup is a 27 inch 5k Retinal iMac. For video I use Final Cut Pro X and Motion for video work. For photography work I use mostly Adobe software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

Music production happens in Logic Pro X for larger projects and I actually use GarageBand for quick recording and sketching out ideas. I have an Akai mini-keyboard on my desk for midi input. For guitar tracks I use my 1986 Fender Strat (first guitar I bought with my own money) and various guitar pedals direct into a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2. Amp simulation is done with IK Multimedia T-Racks plugins.

I'm a big fan of Wacom tablets and use that instead of a mouse. I currently have the Intuos 5 - I haven't had a need to upgrade.

Audio monitors are KRK's which are excellent for the price.