Project: The Artist Series

documentaries on contemporary photographers

Season One:
William Wegman
Alexey Titarenko
Laura Wilson
Graciela Iturbide (in production)
Keith Carter (in production)
David Brookover (in production)
Lourdes Grobet (in production)
Harold Feinstein (in production)
Pedro Meyer (in production)

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The Artist Series is an ongoing project documenting the very best photographers working today. Each episode is a short documentary filmed in the studio of the photographer and showcases their process and approach.

The project is completely funded from its audience. I’ve had the idea to produce this series for quite some time. Last year I decided to do a crowdfunding project to get the ball rolling. My goal was to fund one, maybe two videos and raise about $5,000. The campaign was wildly successful and I raised over $17,000. Viewing this as an opportunity, I’ve decided to put all of the money into the travel costs.

The first 3 videos are up and 6 more will be released in 2016.

Behind the Scenes: