Short Film: One Day It All Comes True

a film chronicling Jim Hodges' large-scale, denim work

This was a secondary video that I did with New York artist Jim Hodges for his Give More Than You Take career retrospective.

(Untitled) One Day It All Comes True is a large-scale, embroidered piece made entirely of denim. The work depicts a beautiful sunset in various shades of blue - all done with cut up jeans. It is as impressive as it is beautiful. The work was made specifically for this exhibition.

When I went to New York to start filming for the first video, Hodges was working furiously to finish this piece. There were scraps of denim literally all over his studio. The first time I saw it was when the art handlers were setting up the exhibition. It was absolutely breathtaking.

This video piece tells the story behind the work and ends with the press-preview footage of the work's unveiling.